Monday, November 26, 2007

Shannon Sossymon, Alicia "Pink" Moore

On her first trip to Paris, a young woman hits a party in the Catacombs, the 200-mile labyrinth of limestone tunnels under the city that's lined with the remains of 7 million people. Separated from her friends, she becomes convinced that someone or something is chasing her.

This movie is "Pinks" first major role......she did......okaaaay i guess, it was pretty much her playing herself so it wasn't really a stretch or anything. I think if it actually came to her playing a proper character though, she'd flop pretty hard.
Anyway, the movie itself was rather shit.......starts off pretty badly, looks a bit cheap, has lame scares ect. ect.........the storyline DOES get a little interesting during the middle section though, the setting is kinda creepy and we see Shannon's character get into some bad situations.....i found myself actually wanting to see what happened next.
Sadly, it all goes up in smoke again once the ending is was one of the worst ending i've ever seen, made NO fucking sense and just came out of nowhere. What was meant to be an "edge of your seat" finale wound up being a really fucking stupid just kinda leaves you thinking "what?.....why?".

I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a REALLY bad movie, but it is kinda crappy, VERY b grade, mediocre acting, not really scary.........just very VERY average with a fuck awful ending. It's cinema release date has been moved to 2008 [it was already released in France this year], i can see this getting slaughtered by the critics, lol.