Sunday, December 28, 2008

The BEST & WORST Of 2008!
Another year, another list! and WHAT A YEAR IT WAS..........well, depending on how you looked at it. For movies, it was kinda low key, but for MUSIC, it was MAASSSIIIVVEEE, so much going on in the music scene this year, a whole flood of new comers.....most of them being GREAT, some big #1 singles and even the odd comeback or two *cough* Britney *cough*.......

There was a lot to pick from this year, i could have extended this list further easily, but i've knocked it down to the top 10!.......enjoy....

10. Danity Kane Welcome To The Dollhouse
P.Diddy is one of my favourite producers in r&b music, so it's no surprise this album turned out to be so great. I don't care much for the girls themselves, i don't even know them all by name, but the album is hot!

9. Grace Jones Hurricane
I like a lot of her old stuff, but this new album really is a fucking BEAST of a record! So dark and heavy, i feel like i'm not meant to be listening to it, like the music holds some sort of secret!.......see, i don't even know what the fuck i'm saying, that's how cool it is. Grace OWNS.

8. Santogold Santogold
Bought her album blindly and never looked back! one of my top 3 favourite new artists of the year, think of her as a mix between M.I.A, Sean Paul and U2......or something, i don't fucking know, just go buy her shit!

7. Ladytron Velocefiro
Always been a big Ladytron fan, but this album really fucking blew me away, it's the best one they've ever done imo, so many great moments!

6. Crystal Castles Crystal Castles
Would you like to know what a bass line with a loud atari game playing in the background sounds like? then go listen to this cd. Crazy!

5. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
I think i fucking DIED and went to synthesizer HEAVEN! my God! i have not shut up about this album ALL year! one of the coolest fucking things to EVER surface, EVER!.....i am an MGMT NUT!

4. Boomkat A Million Trillion Stars
It's only been released online, so it hasn't actually officially been released yet, and i'm not sure if it ever will, so fuck it, i'm gonna include it. I loved their first album from 5 years ago! and even though the wait has bene long, it's most definitely been worth it. One of my all time favourite acts EVER. Boom on, Boomkat!

3. Britney Spears Circus
We won't know till the new era is over, but hopefully she can pull off the world tour and remaining singles from this album! Really great, fun record, more poptastic than her last one!. Ride it out Britters! you can do it!

2. P!nk Funhouse
I've always been a Pink fan, but this is the record that proved to me she is a bonafied megastar. Her last album was good, but hugely overrated, this new one however deserves all the praise it can get! Some INCREDIBLE songs on the album, and the best song she ever did, 'Sober'.

1. Lady Gaga The Fame
One of my all time favourite albums EVER! Every track is pop perfection and she has some of the most awesome fucking lyrics EVER! My new obsession is Gaga, and i can only PRAY that she keeps churning out albums, because i fucking LOVE this woman. The album is everywhere! and RIGHTFULLY so! GO GAGA!

Honorable mentions:

Janet Jackson Discipline
Nine Inch Nails Ghosts
Alanis Morissette Flavours of Entanglement
Kerli Love Is Dead
The Presets Apocalypso
Michelle Williams Unexpected
Ladyhawk Ladyhawk
Madonna Hard Candy


Colby Colbit Coco
Straw hat, check!.......beach house lifestyle, check!......wooden floors, check!........pretentious hippy wankery, CHECK! i doubt we'll see much of this idiot bitch after this flop shit album. And i hope to God we don't.

Paper Trail
More like dog shit trail, someone put an end to this Hip Hop Flop fuckery that he's producing! And for fucks sake, stop putting Rihanna on your bloody songs! how many singles has she popped up on now? 50? fuck off!

Jessica Simpsons Country Album
See, i don't even remember the name of this piece of shit album, but does anyone?

Ashlee Simpson Bitter Sweet World
More like Stupid Bitch World, could this album be any more shit? Ashlee tries her hardest here, but i guess record executives got the idea about her career as a singer when her nose job and stupid pregnancy got more famous than she did. She was dropped from her label, hopefully on her head.

Usher Here I Stand
And here i SLEEP! talk about boring!
Top 20 Songs of 08'

20. Running Back Jessica Mauboy
Cool song, sexy and catchy!

19. American Boy Estelle featuring Kanye West
What an AWESOME pumping beat!

18. Alive Natalie Bassingwaith
The biggest surprise on my list, didn't expect her to release anything that'd top anything this year......but this song deserves to be in my top 20, i love it.

17. History Kleerup
His album was a bit samey, but this track was all sorts of awesome 80's shit!

16. My People The Presets
Like Pet Shop Boys meets The Prodigy, although i hate The Petshop Boys.

15. Alice Practice Crystal Castles
Loud noises, loud screaming, loud thumping........this all equals awesomeness! CRYSTAL CASTLES 4EVER!

14. 20/20 Alanis Morissette
The Japanese bonus track from her album, should have made the final track listing imo. Beautiful song, very Bjork-ish.

13. Of Moons, Birds and Monsters MGMT
Electric Feel is probably their BEST track, but i LOVE this so so much i just had to give it a heads up. I LOVE YOU MGMT!

12. Into The Nightlife Cyndi Lauper
Poor Cyndi, most of her album was a bit of an outdated mess, but this song was a good Gay club banger.

11. Beat Goes On Madonna
Hard Candy was good, but didn't blow my mind, this however did. One of the best rap breakdowns EVER.

10. Decode Paramore
I love me some Paramore, best song they ever did!

09. Circus Britney Spears
Not my favourite song off her new album, but the best thing she offered on a more rounded scale. EPIC versus!

08. Welcome To Heartbreak Kanye West
Most of the time Kanye is fairly average imo, but every so often he surprises me. This was one of those moments. What a great fucking song.

07. Sober P!nk
Absolutely fucking amazing song, it was a grower originally, but once it hit me, it hit me HARD. The best song of her career!

06. Single Ladies [Put A Ring On it] Beyonce
Beyonce turned the bass up and ejaculated synths ALL OVER this song. It's hot and EPIC, the best song she's ever done!

05. Magic Ladyhawk
If you want an updated version Souxsie and the Banshees, Ladyhawk is the closest thing you'll get. Great fucking song!

04. Machine Gun Portishead
Oh my God, the FIRST true orgasm of the year. It's the last MINUTE of the song that really blows me away! Best ending to a song EVER!!!!!

03. Deep Blue Ladytron
Epic build up at the end, dark and pumping, i love it.

02. Anne Santogold
Santogold and her tiger print tights kick fucking ass.

01. Poker Face Lady Gaga
Who else is capable of taking my #1 position this year? Gaga TOOK IT ALL! One of my all time most played and most loved songs EVER.

It's been a bit of a quiet year for movies, compared to last year anyway. There only seemed to be a good few that really stood out. Thankfully, the ones that DID stand out REALLY stood out A LOT. Let's have a looksie!...

10. Persepolis
Has anyone else even seen this? lol........a really nice surpise of a movie, funny and touching storyline and really nice simple animation. I only wished it was a bit longer.

9. Wanted
Angelina Jolie with a gun is like..........instant brilliance. Cool movie, typical no brainer with overblown action scenes and unrealistic effects, but's totally fun.

8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Slow, but still engaging enough to keep you watching. Brad was great as usual, and looked beautiful [in the none old scenes, lol], and Cate was equally as good! Weird and sad, a nice reminder that we all die one day, no matter how we live our lives.

7. Cloverfield
It was hyped for so long, and now 9 months after it's release it's become easily forgotten, lol. Oh well, i still remember it, was great watching it in real time, some scary moments and a great ending. The hype was fun too.

6. Hey Hey! It's Esther Blueburger
Really sweet and funny story, great acting from the lead idea what her name was, lol...but she was great!

5. Teeth
It hit award festivals in 2007, but didn't get a proper world wide DVD release till this year, so i'm gonna include it. Great movie, one i enjoyed more on repeat viewings. Weird, funny and kinda sexy! HIDE YOUR DICKS BOYS!

4. Sex & The City
Oh the joy!!!!! the most entertaining cinema experience of the year. Surrounded by fans, seeing the girls on screen again after 4 years, it was such a great trip! and a really fun movie!

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Hands down, the funniest movie of the year! not surprising since it is a Judd Apatow movie! the guy is a GENIUS!

2. Atonement
I didn't understand what all the hype was about, but after a couple of watches, i got it. Beautifully filmed and really well acted. Kiera Knightly may have an annoying cunt of a face, but she's a good actress! The story was so moving, and you don't feel the entire impact of it till you get to the bitter end. Made me cry :(

1. The Dark Knight
I have ranted and raved about his movie ALL year long, so there's nothing much more to say about it.......most of you would have seen it by now too, i haven't met anyone who hasn't. It really is a fucking great piece of cinema and a GREAT role for Heath to be remembered by. R.I.P.


P.S. I Love You
Even Gerard Butler parading around shirtless in this couldn;t save this MESS movie from sucking! Note to Directors, DO NOT hire Hillary Swank in comedies, she is NOT......FUNNY!

Bad make up, bad script, bad shitty ending, bad, bad, bad! I'm a massive fan of the books, so this was very painful to list here, the movie does have some MINOR good bits, but overall it's a God damn fucking mess!

Ok, ok........i know, "wtf are you thinking", i get it, it's a well liked movie and has been getting massive rave reviews, and it isn't bad........but it's fucking boring as fucking fuck! honestly, i wanted to kill myself it was so boring. There, i said it!
There's been a few great ones this year, Lady Gaga 'Poker Face', Britney 'Circus', MGMT 'Electric Feel', and there's been a few stinkers too, Kylie 'WOW', T.I. 'Whatever You Like' what are the BEST and WORST?.........

No idea who Directed it, but it's one of the coolest fucking things i've ever seen! and WHO is that girl? talk about JUICY! AMAZING! Kanye West Flashing Lights, enjoy!


How much was the budget for this thing? and who the fuck did the choreography? cheap and shit! Danity Kane Damaged, TRY to enjoy...

Person Of The Year!
It's been a big year for Lady Gaga, but one thing she may never realize, is that she changed my LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!!! Isn't it amazing when you connect SO much with an artist on a personal level!!!!! i haven't had that happen to me this strongly in YEARS! The funny thing is, it took me a short while to get into her, but ONLY a short while! Once i was in, i was HOOKED!
As much as i LOVE her music, it was more about what she brought to the table personality and creative wise that really won me over! The girl KNOWS her shit and worked so fucking hard to get to where she is now, so much determination, passion and excitement for what she does, it rubbed off on me so easily and you can see it so much in her work!
I had the opportunity to see her live too, and she was a fantastic performer!!!! the girl pretty much has it all i'd say, full control, great songs, sex appeal, great image and a killer personality! She's taking over the world one country at a time! and by this time next year, we will be living in a GAGA WORLD! I couldn't think of a better place to live in!

Douche Bag Of The Year
Poor Jessica Simpson, i really DON'T hate her i swear, but she has got to be the single most uninteresting person on Earth! I mean, who honestly listens to her music? she's such a shit fucking pop star, and now she's gone all Shania on everybody with her shitty country album.............which nobody bought mind you. And have you seen her live? she gets lyrics to songs wrong all the time!? i mean seriously, wtf? she dates men who verbally abuse her, has big hair and has movies that go straight to DVD. SHE'S JUST SO SHIT.
And don't think her sister gets off easily either, wtf is this shit? her last album was a bloody boring mess of a thing, and all she;s famous for now is her fucking nose. I like her betetr than Jessicunt, but this whole try hard attempt at super cool with her last record just really irked me, she needs to wake the fuck up, no one cares, like hello!

Until Next Year Folkz, XX

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

A teenage girl moves to a small town to live with her Father, while there she meets The Cullens family and falls madly in love with the youngest of the family, Edward. They get goo goo over each other and start sucking face, then Bella finds out Edward has a that will put him AND her in grave danger, ooooooh . What could it be? [i'm sure you all know lol].

Great book, shit movie. I'm surprised it's being enjoyed by so many, i found it to be poorly acted, scripted and horribly miscast in places. Kristen Stewart as Bella was fucking AWFUL, what a BAD actress. Rob Pattinson was decent in the role and looked good, the casting of Jasper was hilarious and the added new scene at the end of the film with Victoria the vampire was completely left field and crap. And don't even start me on the cheap effects.
Amidst all of this, there are some nice moments, Bella and Edward at dinner, the baseball scene, though it's ruined by some crap vampire snarling moments.
I wanted to like it because i'm a big fan of the book series, but this movie had too many things wrong with it to enjoy it on a serious level. I found myself laughing more than cheering. Disappointing.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Going Gaga!

Lady Gaga
The Fame

Remember her name, because you are going to start seeing a hell of a lot of this woman over the next year.......and why?.......well, because she kicks all sorts of serious ass, THAT'S WHY!!!!. It's been an interesting ride to fame for Gaga, but she's finally here, and as she said herself "i'm here to take over the world one sequin at a time", and i think it's safe to say, that she may do JUST that!
Drawing inspiration from legends like Prince, Madonna and her idol David Bowie, it's no surprise that Gaga's debut is a synth filled, 80's throwback...............but this ain't no Gwen Stefani/80's hybrid, no, no, no.........Gaga is a little more....err...."eclectic" sounding than that.

Anyway, the album kicks off with her MASSIVE first single 'Just Dance', and then continues on for the AMAZING first half of the album [which most likely makes up the bulk of the remaining singles]...........'Love Game' is an electro heavy track with a really dirty sounding base line, 'Paparazzi' is a popgasm, 'Beautiful Dirty Rich' has a real 'No Doubt' type sound to it, as does 'Summerboy' which is near the end of the album. There's the synth summery sounding 'Eh, Eh' and 'Boys, Boys, Boys', and the more darker and sexier synth tracks 'Poker Face' [My fav off the album] and 'I Like It Rough'. She gets a little 'Peaches' sounding on 'Money Honey' and has a great ballad called 'Brown Eyes', which sounds like a throw back to an old skool 'Queen' track. The only time she kinda stumbles is on a track called 'Again, Again', which isn't necessarily a "bad" song, but it just sounds like boring filler, plus it has a bit of an annoying chorus. This track is going to be replaced with another song on the U.S edition of the album called 'Vanity', which sounds like another 70's piano ballad.

Overall, it's a VERY strong debut, and not only is the music great, but Gaga is QUIT the performer, blasting her way through her promo tour with a Bowie inspired lazer light stage show that even features a light up disco stick! She is GREAT live! she describes herself as 'Theatrical Pop', and her show is EXACTLY that.

Album of the year! Prepare for the GAGA REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!

Track ratings
1. Just Dance 4/5
. Lovegame 5/5
3. Paparazzi 5/5
4. Beautiful Dirty Rich 5/5
5. Poker Face 5/5
6. Eh Eh 3/5
7. Money Honey 4/5
8. Again Again 3/5
9. Boys Boys Boys 4/5
10. Brown Eyes 4/5
11. I Like It Rough 4/5
12. Summerboy 3/5
13. Starstruck 4/5
14. Paper Gangsta 4/5
15. Disco Heaven 4/5

Gaga Goes Live!
Lady Gaga stopped over in Australia for her world wide promo tour which she's on atm for her debut album THE FAME. Obviously, being as obsessed as i am, i went and saw her live and was blown away by the whole thing!!!!!! It was held at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney and the crowd WENT OFF as soon as the speakers started pumping out the first track 'Lovegame'! following that was 'Paparazzi', 'Beautiful Dirty Rich', 'Poker Face' and her #1 single 'Just Dance', which the crowd happily went bonkers for. She was decked out in her home made silk hoodie, pvc catsuit and jumped around twirling her disco disc and singing the shit out of everything! she even dove in for a bit of front row crowd surfing! I expect big things for this bitch! she rocked my fucking world! Video and pics delight!!!!! [curtousy of frozen supestar and Pez]...

Click pics to see bigger version

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bittersweet Failure!
Ashlee Simpson
Bittersweet World

Yes, "bitter" is a GOOD word to use in the title of this AWFUL new album from Ashlee Simpson. Now don't get me wrong, i'm no Ashlee hater, i actually like a few of her old songs, but really.......let's face it, her old "i'm a bad ass sk8r grl" image was a big fake mess [even though she wore a t-shirt that said "punk" in her Pieces of Me video, who are you trying to fool, bitch], and she most definitely was no ALBUM artist [a few catchy singles here and there......but that's it].....................her main exploits have been more "media" based......first there was the SNL lip synced, on air, confused, dancing jig mess that happened to her [kinda ironic considering she bad mouthed singers who lip synced, hypocrit much?] and then there's the infamous NOSE JOB!................yes, Ashlee and her nose, probably the only GOOD thing she has done in the subsequent years since her last shitty album.

But whatever, this isn't about her nose, this is about her new album, and it won't be hard summing up what you'd expect from it.......................firstly, there's only ONE shining moment of brilliance, and it's with the lead single Outta My Head, other than that though, there is fuck all left on offer for us. The DULL second single Boys [which i don't think is even getting any air play] is shit, the other "fan" favourite off the album is Rule Breaker.......which is Ashlee's attempt at innovation i guess, or something............and err...........well......i'm kinda trying to remember the other songs but i really can't.............nothing left a good impression, not even a shitty lasting all just went by and i forgot all about it. All i can say is, the whole album is an attempt at being "cool" and Ashlee just falls flat on her face with it...........which is a bad thing, because we don't want her damaging that nose of hers do we?
See, i said "nose" again, when you have nothing else to praise her for, it's kind all you got...........great nose Ashlee, seriously, looks awesome.................but your album? that could do with some surgery too.

Worst album of 08' so far.........and don't even get me started on that SHIT AWFUL album cover. Jesus.

Tracklist rating unavailable, because i don't want to waste my fucking time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Milla Jovovich
The Divine Comedy

Oh yes! you aren't reading this wrong! that is in fact THE Milla Jovovich......the model!......the actress!........MAKING AN ALBUM!...........BUT!........don't freak out too much, this isn't actually a new album, in fact, it's quite was released way back in 1994 [fuck! nearly 15 years ago], it's just that i FINALLY got around to hearing it all in full.
Now.....this may have been Milla's only OFFICIAL album ever released under her name, but her official website has had a long list of her demos and songs for many years now, so i've ALWAYS enjoyed and downloaded her music. I had a handful of her tracks for sometime now, but just recently i decided to go back and get those missing tracks that i didn't get last time [the downloads are free btw].........and since then i've been on one MASSIVE Milla music kick!

Her music can take 3 different forms............she has her light electronic stuff, her more rockish tracks and her more FOLK sounding songs [which this album is FULL of]. She goes between genres fairly easily and her voice can go from hauntingly mellow to very raw and loud.
In The Divine Comedy [which she recorded at the RIPE age of 16 may i add] she merges a nice batch of's kinda like a cross between Kate Bush, with a bit of Tori Amos mixed in.........and just a little bit of Jewel as well. It has a very magical feel to it, songs like Charlie, The Gentleman Who Fell, The Alien Song and You Did It All Before could have EASILY been taken off an old Kate Bush record..........we even get a bit of EUROPEAN CULTURE thrown in with the BEAUTIFUL song In A Glade which is sung in her native tongue....err...which i think is.........well, she's from the Ukraine, so........Ukrainian? lol!!!!!

As for the REST of her music NOT on this album, some of it can sound pretty experimental [Beat On Ice] and some can be very indie rock sounding [Left & Right]..........when she isn't channeling Bush or Amos, she's going mental with some David Bowie and Bjork influences!..........she's even worked with The Crystal Method on their Planet Of Boom album, and even sang some YIDDISH songs on the soundtrack for the movie Dummy!.............she's THAT versatile!!!!!!

Anyway, i just had to write SOMETHING about her music, i'm completely drowning in it at the moment and i just feel like spreading her stuff to EVERYONE i know, i feel like putting it all on a cd and selling it on the STREET!!!!!!..................The Divine Comedy has garnered quite the indie following over the years, but it's blaspheme that her other work isn't getting a proper commercial release!................she really is a visionary when it comes to her music! this bitch ain't JUST a pretty fact, i think she may positioned herself as one of my all time favourites musicians EVER!..................she's THAT good!..................not bad for someone who only releases music as a hobby.'s me doing my part in case a curious ear happens to read this:

Go to and look through her music page and give her stuff a go, if it sounds like you'd be into her type of sound, then i urge you to give it a listen.

As for The Divine Comedy, since it's commercially available, you won't find the tracks on her official site, BUT, you can find it at

My god, i LOVE this woman.