Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2
America Ferrara and some other nobody bitches

A story about a bunch of girls who share a pair of pants that are worn through lifes good and bad lessons. The pants are a metaphor for unity, friendship, corny fuckery ect. ect.

The first one was alright, i enjoyed it in a tween girl secret poofter boy desire type way. This new one is a bit of a turd though, two movies is too much, who cares abut these dumb cunts? and their "life experiences" are SO BORING and shit. One girl sort of has a pregnancy scare [oh my god! like], one other girl dates a guy who doesn't believe in true love [seriously! like], another one finds out she's good at acting and learns about herself through it [wow, like amazing], and the other one travels to Turkey [it actually looks like the American dessert with a few Belly dancers thrown in to "Turkey" it up] and finds out that digging up Ancient corpses reminds her of her dead Mother [ omg, like, so sad]..........lame!.....and don;t even start me on how much of a shit actress America Ferrara is, and Blithe Danner [ Gwyneth Paltrows Mommy] does a pretty SHIT job too.
And seriously, those pants must fucking stink being shared between 4 girls and being stuck in the post 500 times a year. Dirty bitches.
At least there was a cute black guy in it.

Oh, look at that............my first post of 2009 :)