Saturday, April 18, 2009

Revisiting...Buffy The Vampire Slayer [1992]
Starring: Kristy Swanson, Luke Perry
Directed by: Fran Rubel Kuzui

Wow, what a mess, it's been YEARS since i've seen this, i've been meaning to check it out again for a long time. I wasn't expecting much, and Joss Whedon [creator and writer of the movie and series later on, in case you don't know] has been very open about the fact that even though he is credited as the writer of the film, his story and script was changed very dramatically to how it was originally, which probably explains why the movie turned out to be such a fucking piece of shit, lol.
Even though script changes were made, every now and again a bit of Joss leaks into the dialog, and it got a few genuine chuckles from me in a couple parts. Overall though, the dialog is atrocious, it's like a teenager wrote the script.
The cast were decent enough i guess, the only one that really stuck out like a sore thumb was Donald Sutherland. I've heard he was a real mong to work with on the film, and it comes across in the role, he looks so bored throughout the whole thing. In fact, his "death scene" was HILARIOUSLY bad lol. I'm not surprised he was so bitter making this movie, he must have noticed how utterly dire the whole thing was lol. Kristy Swanson was good in the role, sure she couldn't act, but it's not like she needed to be a good actress in this mess anyway. You could see a bit of that Buffy spark in her eyes every so often thanks to the Buffy-esque writing, but OBVIOUSLY she isn't anything when compared to Sarah Michelle Gellar who was cast as Buffy in the tv show [as most of you know] and did an EPIC job!
The movie was made on a very low budget, and you can tell lol, it's not even B grade, it's like.......Z GRADE!'s awfully cheap looking, the effects are shit and the vampires look like home made Halloween make up jobs.

There really aren't ANY redeeming qualities in this movie. It gets 1 star thanks to the minor Joss vibe it has, but's fucking crap beyond words. A shame, i wanted to like it a bit more, even on a shit level.......but seriously, it's just shit in every way.

Watch the series, avoid this like the mother fucking PLAGUE!