Sunday, December 9, 2007

The BEST & WORST Of 2007 - Part 1

Yay! My favourite time of the year, all my orgasms from my most loved things and all my piles of vomit from all my most hated things are collected and THROWN upon you all………take cover!

Music Of 2007
2007 was the YEAR of discovering/expanding OLD music for me [Rasputina, Tori Amos, Felix Da Housecat]…… for all the NEW stuff this year, well…….the first half of 07’ was pretty dead music wise, got a few good releases here and there….but it wasn’t till the second half that all the albums kinda came FLOODING in, yay! here they are…….my good and…err…not so good musical selections of the year:

The Best Albums...

Daft Punk Alive 2007
This TECHNICALLY should be in the #4 spot, but because it's a Live compilation of old songs, i decided to leave room for NEW music on the rest of my list.......anyway, it really is a ear popping listen, pretty much a non stop mash up of all their hits, remixed PERFECTLY. Daft FUNK!
Standout tracks:'s one big mash, so the WHOLE thing, uh!

14. Siobhan Donaghy Ghosts

A much stronger effort than her last album, she brings a bit of a Kate Bush vibe to some of the stuff on here. This album also gave me one of my new all time favourite songs EVER, Medevac.
Standout tracks: Medevac, Ghosts, 12 Bar Acid Blues.

13. Keiysha Cole Just Like You
VERY r&b and very "ghetto"...........i can't help but feel like patting my weave when i listen to this, still..........there is some really great stuff on here and she has a great voice.
Standout tracks: Didn't I Tell You, Heaven Sent, Give Me More.

12. The Veronicas Hook Me Up
The twins RETURN!!!!!.........and this time they ditched the pop/rock and went for a more pop/electro sound...........and surprisingly they pulled it off! I guess these girls wound up being a little more versatile than i thought. A nice change for them i think.
Standout tracks: This Is How It Feels, Everything, I Can't Stay Away.

11. The White Stripes Icky Thump

I was a little disappointed with the last effort from The Stripes [Get Behind Me Satan], it had that missing spark that made their ‘Elephant’ album so WONDERFUL.. Luckily with ‘Icky Thump’ they returned to a more accessible style of songs. With “rock” bands like Nickleback and ‘Hinder’ POISIONING airwaves, it’s good to see The Stripes really giving us a rock album that actually DESERVES it’s success.
Standout tracks: Bone Broke, Little Cream Soda, Prickly Thorn.

10. Nine Inch Nails Year Zero

When I heard ‘With Teeth’ on first listen, I didn’t really like it………so it was good sitting through Year Zero and actually loving a lot of the songs I was hearing when I first spun it. I don’t love the ENTIRE album, it does have it’s weak points, but there was enough on here that kept me
listening over and over. Plus, I must thanks Trent Reznor [Lord of the Universe] for ’Me, I’m Not’………’s the SEX!....oh and Vessel, that’s sex too, aheh.
Standout tracks: The Beginning Is The End, Vessel, Me I’m Not.

9. Timbaland Shock Value

After producing for every single fucking group on the planet, Timbaland FINALLY released his own album of songs. My expectations were high, and as usual with Timbo, he really delivered with the goods. So many great songs on here, ranging from r&b to pop and even a bit of rock. This has been on VERY heavy rotation since I got it. GREAT album. Now [plays ‘Time’]……I’m gonna get naked.
Standout tracks: Apologize, Time, Way I Are.

8. Kylie X

Not the BLAZING come back I expected, but this was still a really great effort from Ms. Minogue. The Queen of Plastic Face gives us a lovely BURST of electro pop with some nice catchy b-sides thrown in on the side. Her best album? Maybe…….she certainly OUT GAYED herself with this one.
Standout tracks: Speakerphone, Like A Drug, White Diamond.

7. Jennifer Lopez Brave
Yes, that's right, the biggest FLOP of the year was one of my MOST SPUN albums. It's a shame people didn't like this, because the album worked it's magic on me......i couldn't get enough of it. It's her second best album [her first being the masterwork 'J.Lo'], and i loved it so much i just HAD to shove it into my top 10 ..........i guess the fact that this was so hated is kinda cool to me, makes it more special because it feels more like it's MINE. Love you Jenny! well done.
Standout tracks: Forever, Be Mine, Frozen Moments.

6. The Donnas Bitchin’

This album came out of NOWHERE, for so long I’ve been waiting for The Donnas to BLOW my eardrums, and after getting inspired by 80’s rock bands, the girls finally managed to to do it! Heavy, loud and OH SO FUN!
Standout tracks: Don’t Wait Up For Me, Like An Animal, When The Show Is Over.

5. Kelly Clarkson My December

Something happened to Kelly in 2007, she kinda……went nuts and did a huge 360 on her new album! What I expected to be a Breakaway part 2, wound up being a very indie sounding, very sad and very personal collection of songs. The first time I heard it, I didn’t realize what was going on, but over time, the album slowly grew on me……….and eventually it blew my mind!!!!! Definitely her best album.
Standout tracks: Sober, Dirty Little Secret, Irvine.

4. Roisin Murphy Overpowered

Finally, Roisin pulled her finger out and WOKE UP, instead of giving us boring fluffy electro like on her last album, she went into the studio naked and rubbed pumping electro beats all over her body. This shit is DAMN GOOD!........whoever thought such a funny hat lady could make such dark and witheringly sexy beats. Oh!
Standout tracks: Primitive, Body Language, Pandora.

3. Britney Spears Blackout

Throughout all the mess of her life in the last 4 years, Britney still managed to put in enough studio time to give us the best album of her career. There’s so much to love on this, so many amazingly produced songs……….and even though Britney had little to do with the record, it’s still blew me away. Britney……well….Jive put a whole bunch of awesome pop songs together and wraped it up with a BIG bow! I believe her career is over, but at least she went out with a BANG!
Standout tracks: Piece of Me, Break The Ice, Gimme More.

2. Alicia Keys As I Am

Sigh, can she do no wrong?’s a slow burning album, but once it grabs you, it’s SO addictive. She managed to top her last album with this……’s a very romantic mellow record, lot’s of nice smooth ballads. Now, let’s all sit together and drink CHAMPAIGN [clink].
Standout tracks: Go Ahead, Where Do We Go From Here, I Need You.

1. M.I.A. Kala
It’s like M.I.A was a kept in a cage……..and then finally, someone unleashed her upon the world!!!!!!! This album absolutely blew my fucking brains out, no one brought it as hard as she did this year!!!! Not only did she completely DESTROY her last album with this one, but she delivered one of my all time favourite albums EVER!!!!! She creates the beats, puts them in a fucking grinder and then THROWS them at you………..she’s a musical GENIUS! And she has completely outdone herself with this album. If it was anymore brilliant, I may have to throw myself off a cliff!!!!! In the words of the QUEEN herself………”Powah powah!”……….oh yes, Powah INDEED!
Standout tracks: Hussle, Paper Plain, Jimmy.

Special Mentions to: Marilyn Manson - Eat Me Drink Me.........Darren Hayes - This Delicate Thing We Made.............Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad..................Dannii - Unleashed.

The WORST Albums...

Avril Lavigne The Best Damn Thing
Ok, so Avril the PERSON is a douche bag, but Avril the musician is rather good. She has written some great songs on her first two albums, but with this third album, she shows she’s REALLY run out of things to sing about. The album sports only ONE good song [Runaway] and one other semi decent track [Keep Holding On]………the rest, absolute SHIT. The whole thing just drones on, it’s like a filler album. And has catchy as ‘Girlfriend’ was, it is a rather idiotic song………….just HOW long can she play the whole crazy coloured faux punk girl thing, it’s all getting a bit old isn’t it. Avril Lavigne - The Worst Damn Thing.

Linkin Park
Minutes To Midnight

Another act I liked who seem to have run out of ideas. Poor Linkin Park, two solid albums and now a third DUD!.....not much else to say really, lots of songs lacking any sort of memorable melody, maybe two decent tracks……the rest, rather lifeless. The first single was good, but the rest………….crap. Not surprising we didn’t get any other hit singles off this one. Linkin Park - Minutes To Mediorce.

Muteya Buena Real Girl

I kinda had high hopes for this, she was always the more interesting Sugababe……so I was curious to see what she could offer as a solo act…….and it looks like not much. A lifeless boring attempt, lots of samey bullshit, some so-so tracks, but overall, just a collection of half interesting slow to mid tempo songs that don’t really take you anywhere interesting. That Amy Winehouse duet is utter SHIT as well. Muteya Buena - Real Shit.

Kelly Rowland Ms. Kelly

Jesus fucking Christ, Ms. Shitty more like it, what the fuck went wrong here?’s like the worst rnb producers made this. So incredibly generic, so incredibly dull, it sounds like it was put together using songs that Christina Milian rejected. Her first album offered something pretty good actually, it was like a small taste of what was to come….or so it seemed. This album was destined to be DEAD on arrival. Kelly Rowland - Ms. Floppy.


The Sugababes have made my ears give BIRTH for a good 7 years now, always original, always catchy as hell and always MY type of pop. But this time, all they seemed to want to give me is a good long sleep, because that’s what this album does, puts me to sleep. It’s a ballad filled lifeless mess of a record, not necessarily BAD, just boring. Nothing grabs you, even the video clips were shit!........still, the girls seem to still have their own style going on which is good, and of course I still love and respect them, but I’m certainly giving THIS babes era a miss. Hopefully they pick it up again with their next album. Sugababes - Change My Diaper.

Rogue Traders
Better In The Dark

Um…………….some advice, please learn to use a different type of sound!!!!!!! I can’t even remember a lot of this, I just remember everything kinda bleeding into everything…….the first single was probably a good indication of what was to come, because that single was SHIT. Sigh, they ARE a talented bunch though, a good live act, and I hope they do well. But this album, Better In The Dark?........i guess it REALLY isn’t, let’s hope their next album is made with the lights on. Rogue Traders - Not Better Off In The Dark.

Delta Goodrem
If she wasn't so busy dressing up like a fairy and talking to Unicorns.....she may have actually released an album that had some fucking life in it. She showed promise with her first album and then took her second album in a much more mature and darker was with THAT second album that she finally stripped away SOME of her "pretty pretty" nonsense and gave us something.......a little more interesting. Sadly, for her new album, she has gone back to singing flower friendly ballads that have ANY sort of life to them, it's just a whole string of dead songs sung by an over airbrushed, sweet as sugar bore of a singer. The ONLY good thing this album delivered was the song 'Bare Hands'.........and she is.....growing i guess, as a performer and stuff..........but really, to's all so safe and boring. Delta Goodrem - Dullta.

The BEST & WORST Of 2007 - Part 2

The Best Singles...

10. Stronger
Kanye West
It's the Daft Punk sample in this that makes it so fucking good!!!!! without it, Kayne is just another rapper. Great song and good video too. Hear it here

9. Leap of Faith Hadouken!
Electro punk rock, gotta love it! I’m keeping an eye out for this band, if this is the type of thing they’ll be offering in the future, then I’ll certainly be looking forward to it! Hear it here

8. Heart Shaped Glasses Marilyn Manson
Sexy beat, great vocals. The song and video work ESPECIALLY well together! For such an atrociously looking man, his music does turn me on! Hear it here

7. Earth Intruders Bjork
Her new album may not have blown me off my seat, but the lead single was simply BRILLIANT!!!!!! What a great fucking song, the first minute is EPIC and then it just goes loud and hard till the end. Timbo and Bjork should have joined forces on MORE tracks for her album this year…… of her BEST songs EVER. Hear it here

6. With Every Heartbeat Robyn
Omg! Robyn gave me an ELECTROGASM with this song, how fucking good was this!, she ripped it up something major. One of the BEST build ups in a song I’ve ever heard, it just keeps going, I feel like running non stop everytime I hear this. Hear it here

5. Read My Mind The Killers
Ah, The Killers, always have a soft spot for them……..and although Sam’s Town wasn’t as good as Hot Fuss, it did give us the brilliant ‘When You Were Young’ and of course……’Read My Mind’. Very old skool sounding, Brandon’s vocals just fly through this so smoothly, great track. Plus the Japanese themed video, how can you go wrong with Japanese! Hear it here

4. Umbrella Rihanna
It seems like EVERYONE loved this song, it was EVERYWHERE, it just sticks right in your head and it doesn’t budge…’s a…’s a HEAD STICKERER!. I listened the shit out of this thing for SO long, it completely took over my brain. Still love it……but unlike Gimme More, it kinda out stayed it’s welcome a little *burp* Hear it here

3. Hurt
Christina Aguilera

Wow, just wow, one of my all time favourite ballads! Truly! What a beautiful song, everything from the music to the vocal arrangement to the video clip, it was all just so damn fucking good. Love it! Hear it here

2. The Prayer
Bloc Party

Another killer chorus.........this song ripped up my iPod speakers for a good long while, it was played NON stop for the first week that I heard it and all I could do was rave about it to everyone I knew. Bloc Party are a little hit and miss for me, but with this song, they really hit the nail on the head!………REALLY fucking hard. Hear it here

1. Gimme More
Britney Spears

This was the PERFECT lead single off a fantastic album, THE pop song of 2007 for me, it’s an incredibly sexy club track and possibly her best lead single ever. I still have this on heavy rotation, GREAT chorus. “It’s Britney, bitch!”. Hear it here

The Worst Singles...

Lips Of An Angel

Worst song of the year, truly! Why did this have to exist? Why do these shit mainstream rock, husky voiced, Nickleback/Creed sound a like bands actually BECOME successful? Just gut wrenchingly bad, even the video was poor…….and is anyone out there able to differentiate one of their songs from the other? Lips of An Angel?..........more like Lips of a DEVIL! Hear it here if you dare

Beautiful Girls Sean Kingston
Beautiful girls, ugly song!......Why does shit like this reach #1?......who buys this crap? It’s like Akon meets Shaggy meets……a retarded chubby 12 year old black kid. Honestly, no. Hear it here if you dare!

Hey Delilah Plain White
Jesus Christ, someone call the INDIE brigade, I think they lost a few members. Pretentious WANK of a song, filled with “oh so cool” guitar music and “oh so sweet” romantic lyrics about some bitch called Delilah. Even the NAME is wanky, “Delilah”……could they BE any more transparent. Hey Delilah…….piss off! Hear it here if you dare!

The Creeps Cammille Jones

It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive…………one of/if not THE most annoying chorus of the WHOLE fucking year. I despise this song………..oh and did I mention, it’s so repetitive. Hear it here if you dare!

Love Today Mika

Dear Lord, hear my prayer, please put a STOP to the musical POISON that is Mikunt!.....oh God, it’s killing me. Grace Kelly was catchy for a while, but after you hear it 500,000,000,000,000 times on a daily basis, you kinda start to HATE it. Then he releases this MESS of a song, if the 5 watches he wears and the big afro like hair he has doesn’t turn you off enough, then this fucking song will. He sings “love, love me, love, love me”……..sorry Mikunt, but I “hate hate you, hate hate you”. Now CUNT OFF. Hear it here if you dare!

Buy U A Drank T-Pain

Hmmmmmmmm, drank…….buy you a drank!......riiiiight, well, I know ONE thing T-Pain can’t buy, good song lyrics, because these are some of the WORST I’ve ever heard. T-Pain indeed!.........pain in my fucking eardrums. Hear it here if you dare!

The BEST & WORST Of 2007 - Part 3

The BEST Music Videos...

Click images to watch

Christina Aguilera Hurt

Robyn Handle Me

Hadouken! Leap Of Faith

The WORST Music Video...

Rihanna Umbrella

Rihanna……….the shitty video CULPRIT of the year! They throw so much money at her videos, and they STILL can't come up with anything that doesn't make me cringe. Umbrella is all special effects filled and fancy, but really…….it’s hard to look past the WANKERY of this fucking video. The failed attempt at “bad girl” image, the stumpy legs, the STUPID water fight sequence, the random collection of scenes [painted silver in a video about Umbrellas, why?]………’s all just so shit. What IS the purpose of it?
Her second video ‘Shut Up & Drive’ was no better, it was like they got their colour ideas from a box of crayons.

The BEST & WORST Of 2007 - Part 4

The BEST Album Covers...

Two of the best covers this year, both simple, both use limited amounts of colour, both eye catching. Just for the record, that second cover is for the new 'Justice' album.

The WORST Album Covers...

Deare Brittany Speers,
I is John, I is 6 year old and I just learneded how to use the Photoshop 2 program on my daddys computar, I make yur new album cover for
yuu Speers, I hope yoo liks it.
Yur Beaggest fan, Jon.

More like 'Audio GAY Dream'.............trying WAY too hard to be way too cool. The back cover was even WORSE, lmao!

Obviously Ms. Lopez is a BIG fan of Alien vs. Predator...................nuff said.

The BEST & WORST Of 2007 - Part 5

Movies Of 2007
What was meant to be a HUGE year for movies for me, wound up being rather……dead………well……..dead in the CINEMA sense anyway. It was the first time in my life that I only went to the cinemas a total of 2 times in one year! [but hey, one of those times was a 3D movie! wow!] And that’s weird for me, I’m like…movie boy!….cinema dude! fella!........usually you’ll find me at the movies like…..20 times a year!......sigh. I guess the lack of cinema visits was a combination of a couple of things, the main one being the fact that I made friends with a nice Asian lady who sends me lots of err…..movies at home….IF you know what I mean [wink, wink]…….also, I’m a bit over spending my movie time with a whole crowd of idiots who shout/talk/sing throughout the entire movie...….like, fuck people are annoying. So my cinema experience officially ENDED this year! Will it return next year? possibly, BUT, no worries….the movies still kept on coming in this year, and I saw a fucking SHIT LOAD of them!.......

The BEST Movies...

10. A Mighty Heart Angelina Jolie
Dayum! This was HER movie, Angelina absolutely BRINGS IT in this. Her portrayal of Marian goes from quite and composed to complete loss and sadness. As the film goes along she just keeps unfolding, it’s so layered, the final scenes in the film are hard to watch, she was simply extraordinary in this.

9. Waitress Kerri Russell
OMG! what a CUTE movie!!!!...........i heard so many wonderful things about this and it really lived up to the hype. It's so pleasant and so.....colourful.......and so sweet.......i just.....i really did just love it. Kerri usually annoys me in movies, not sure why, i think it's her tiny triangle head and her fuzzy curly hairdo.......but she really won me over in this......from her baby hating to her pie baking........she was just OH SO wonderful! [skips in a circle eating pie].

8. Sunshine Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne.
Danny Boyle has made some damn GOOD movies in his time......Trainspotting, 28 Days it's no surprise that his first attempt at sci-fi wound up being fucking brilliant! It's part space drama, part supernatural thriller........and i loved every moment of it. Oh and another thing.....Chris Evans.....please remove all forms of clothing immediately, tks.

7. Dreamgirls
Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy, Beyonce Knowels
Forget Hairspray, the musical of 2007 was Dreamgirls!!!!!......i THINK this was released in late 2006 in the U.S, but over here it was released early January of this year, so i'm going to include it in my list!!!! Great songs, story and a STAR MAKING debut from Jennifer Hudson [forget Beyonce] this big bitch can sing!

Georgia Rule Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman
When Lindsay isn’t on crack or crashing her car, she's showing us that she can REALLY fucking act, she was DAMN good in this! All of the woman were, they are the strongest point of the film and the chemistry between all three of them was BOOMING. But it’s Lindsay’s show, and WHAT a show she puts on. Go bitch, go!!!!

5. Things We Lost In The Fire
Halle Berry, Benicio Del Toro
Halle’s character was a dumb bitch, but Benicio’s character was oh so sweet. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to date a drug addict more than I did with Benicio in this, lol! Of course with such great talent, you can expect nothing but top notch performances from both leads. Love me some Halle drama, she really is a great actress.

4. The Queen
Helen Mirren
Wow, the Queen is a bit of a sour bitch, lol………what a FASCINATING insight into the goings on of the Royal family, you would think they’d be rather dull, but no……it’s quite the bitch fest behind those palace walls!!!!. Helen Mirren was rather IMMACULATE in this, her Oscar win was WELL deserved.

3. Notes On A Scandal
Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench
Can Blanchett ever do any wrong?...........this bitch goes all out in this! Judi Dench does a good job as well playing the loony old lez! Pretty much had me glued from start to finish, which is no surprise considering who was cast in this. Cate got some serious acting balls!

2. The Mist Thomas Jane
Wow!............i was NOT expecting this to be such a fucking awesome movie! Such a GREAT concept for a story and one of the best Stephen King movies ever made. Had me glued all the way from the freaky beginning through to the surprisingly bitter ending! Thomas Jane did a great job in this as well.

1. 28 Weeks Later
Rose Byrne, Robert Carlyl
I thought the first couldn’t be improved on, it was just so DA
MN good, but no, they brought the story back and delivered the BEST movie experience I had this year! It still kept the feel of the first movie, which is SO important since it’s kinda like……..the “signature” of these films, and they gave us a whole new cast and storyline. Kept me on the edge of my sit from start to finish! Fucking AWESOME!

Special Mentions to: Year Of The Dog.........Grindhouse.........Shrek 3..........The Last King Of Scotland.

The Worst Movies...

Blood And Chocolate

Oh god, where the fuck do i start?.........AWFUL script, AWFUL casting.....most of these people couldn't act to save their lives! and the TRY hard attempt at a slick and modern werewolf film was VERY poorly executed. It looked like it was shot by an amature who was given a couple million bucks to shoot some sort of wankified Euro horror MESS. The movie had ONE thing going for it though, it's SO bad..........that i couldn't turn it off. I just HAD to see how this pathetic mess was going to end. Blood and Shit.


Everyone make way for the most boring movie of 2007!.............jesus fucking CHRIST, the sequel to what was a pretty cool foreign fantasy film wound up being a snore fest of BIBLICAL proportions. If you wind up watching this, make sure to have a pillow handy......LORD knows you'll need it.......and no, not to sleep on it, to suffocate yourself with it. Daywank.

I couldn't even get through this pathetic TURD of a movie......note to Rob Zombie....STOP making movies! he has got to be one of the WORST directors around and he ain't getting any better. Oh and another thing Rob, STOP casting your wife in films, the bitch can't act! Oh and one more thing..........if your going to have bajillions of shaking bare titties in your movie, at least give us some sort of.......i dunno......REASON as to WHY this is happening?...........fucking AWFUL. Tittyween.

Ghost Rider

Let's get something straight here..............Nicholas Cage DOES NOT make a good!...........Nicholas Cage is also very unattractive........why was he cast in this?.......and why was Eva Mundane uh....i mean Eva Mendez cast in this?.......bitch can't even play a simple bimbo reporter role! I GUESS this was meant to be a dark comic flick........wound up being a fucking comedy. Crap Movie Role Rider.


I filed an assault charge at my local police station after watching this, never have my eyes been so RAPED by something in their lives. The makers of this movie CLEARLY think 12 year old girls are a pack of fucking moronic can ANY child actually ENJOY this???.........if i had a kid and it liked this movie, i'd smack it in the head and have SERIOUS worries about just HOW underdeveloped it's brain is. I tried to eat some ice cream after i watched this movie, but i kept trying to put the spoon in my eye?..........this movie must have done something to me, killed a few brain cells or something. Retardz.

I Know Who Killed Me

Good idea.............BAD execution!'s basically a MESS, it doesn't flow very well, it's choppy, it's badly acted, it's badly written, it has NO IDEA wtf type of movie it wants to be........thriller?.........drama?......supernatural something a rather?'s just like there was 50 ideas put into one script and then it was just........filmed! And don't even START me on the boring MESS that was the ending. I Know Who Killed Me...............yes, this movie did, BYE!

The BEST & WORST Of 2007 - Part 6

Best & Worst People
We had the worst.............Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, between each of these girls is jail time, pussy flashing and countless driving offenses!!!!! Young Hollywood, is quite simply......FUCKED.

Then we had the good stuff, star performances from Laura Dern [Inland Empire] and Angelina Jolie, and musical EXPLOSIONS from M.I.A and Alicia Keys........and yes, Britney too [sigh] who took the main....prize thingies?.......well

The Bestest Bitch Of The Year...

ANGELINA JOLIE! Is the bestest bitch!..........not only is she the most beautiful woman on the planet, but she also gave me one of the best performances in a movie this year with her role as Marian in A Mighty Heart. She continues to try and change lives in Africa, has the coolest kids ever! [yay! for multiculturalism], melted the screen as a computer animated Grendel in her new movie ‘Beowulf’ [go see it!] and will soon blast the shit out of our eyes in February when we see her as an assassin in ‘Wanted’. Plus there’s the whole list of other films she’s popping up in 2008.

But that’s not the end of it, not only is she beautiful, talented and has good taste in men [Brad, mine!] but she’s an INTELLECUTUALIST as well!.............she smurt!

She wrote an article for The Economist about “accountability for the atrocities in Darfur”, I mean………… there anything she can’t do????..........when I read bits of the article, I had NO idea what the fuck this bitch was on about, that’s true brains right there!!!!!!..................big words………..make big mess in head.

My love for her has been UNLIMITED since 1998, what’s that? A decade now…………oh Angelina!......................she gonna save the world you know.

The Retard Of The Year...

No, it’s not Britney………at least her life problems cause her mess, no……this year, my retard award goes to…………Rihanna, It doesn’t get any MORE fucking retarded than her.

First………she releases her new album…….and it’s good, I like it, although, the desperation fumes FLY off it, and it’s hard to ignore the way EVERY song on the album sounds like a song that already exists!

Then there’s the AWFUL single choices……….i mean, Shut Up And Drive?......Hate That I Love You?......come on, could she pick any shitter songs! Plus add onto that, the VIDEOS………the special effects filled idiocy of ‘Umbrella’ and then the blinding multi coloured crap of ‘Shut Up And Drive’. Also, take note, in all her videos, she acts REALLY baaaaad [rolls eyes].

There’s also the whole thing about her not having ANY stage presence……..if I got free tickets to see this bitch, I’d seriously wipe my ass with them, she is SO fucking DULL……….no matter how much MONEY they throw at her or how much they produce her, she just DOES NOT make an impact. It’s all FAKE.

And last, but not least…………the WORST part of it all…………her PRETENTIOUS fucking ATTITUDE…….someone needs to bring Rih Rih back to Earth, because she certainly ISN’T living on it. She made two comments this year that completely left me DUMBFOUNDED, the first one being that she is aiming to be “the black Madonna”……..seriously, I’m not even going to BOTHER explaining the complete retardation that is that quote, it’s quite simply……..fucking MORONIC. She ALSO claims that “no one else can sing the types of songs I sing”………yes Rihanna, because your songs, your voice, your whole fucking manufactured pop star career is TRULY original. How could ANYONE sing one of your random rnb/pop songs? takes great skill to sing “ella ella ella ella eh eh eh…….eh eh eh…”…..truly!

She made a nice little album, but she pretty much is the epitome of CRAPPINESS, she continues to annoy, to bore and to run her mouth of like she is somehow…….prolific. Although, MTV have been throwing awards at her all year, she did after all win the Europe Mtv award for……lol…get ready……”Artist of the YEAR” LMFAO!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!! [wipes away tear] oh my, oh my……..sigh…….wow, Mtv really HAS gone to shit hasn’t it.

Hopefully Rihanna eventually goes to shit too.

And that's all folks...........:)


Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Although the ultimate origin of slut is unknown, it first appeared in Middle English in 1402 as slutte, with the meaning "a dirty, untidy, or slovenly woman." Even earlier, Geoffory Chaucer used the word sluttish (c.1386) to describe a slovenly man; however, later uses appear almost exclusively associated with women. The modern sense of "a sexually promiscuous woman" dates to at least 1450.

Another early meaning was "kitchen maid or drudge" (c. 1450), a meaning retained as late as the 18th century, when hard knots of dough found in bread were referred to as "slut's pennies." A notable example of this use is Samuel Pepy's diary description of his servant girl as "an admirable slut" who "pleases us mightily, doing more service than both the others and deserves wages better". In the 19th century, the word was used as a euphemism in place of bitch in the sense of "a female dog."

The accepted denotative meaning is a sexually promiscuous woman or "a woman of a low or loose character; a bold or impudent girl; a hussy, jade." The term slut is therefore frequently used as an insult:

Hearne, 1715: "Nor was she a Woman of any Beauty, but was a nasty Slut."
Shenstone, 1765: "She's ugly, she's old,... And a slut, and a scold."

A few porn stars have embraced the term as a badge of pride for a sex-positive person.

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