Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My POOR ears!

Artist: Brooke Hogan
Album: The Redemption

Good LORD, where DO i start with THIS THING?

What an absolute shitty mess of an album. Her attempt at "DIS IS ME, STEP BACK HATAHS" attitude with the record is HUGELY pathetic beyond words. The album starts off like some sort of Christina Aguilera "Stripped" wannabe. I could think of nothing more uninteresting then Brooke Hogan telling me "her story" while using her wigga girl voice and doing West Side hand gestures. That's how lame this thing comes across.

The songs, well.......'Ruff Me Up' may as well just be 'Womanizer', there's hardly ANY differences between them. The stupidly titled 'Dear Mom' is some sort of synthy mid tempo piece of crap dedicated to her Mother's strength and love [coooorn!], and by the time you get to the END of this hideous record [which couldn't come quick enough, i assure you], it starts to sound like a whole bunch of Miley Cyrus ballads.

This girl is truly the most pathetic idiot twit alongside pop star wannabe HEIDIE MONGTAGE. Why do people produce songs for these dimwit bitches? The album wreaks of DESPERATION, there's NO originality in ANY of it and it's fake, forced and cheesy as hell. She's just another RICH DAUGHTER with NOTHING better to do with her time, so she creates a whole album dedicated to the DULL tabloid antics of her over tanned and fugly family. DOES SHE ACTUALLY THINK PEOPLE GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HER PROBLEMS? lmao!

It's outdated, it's bland, it's laughably written and pathetic in every way possible. Anybody who can listen to this and feel OK about it clearly has NO dignity. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, she goes and releases one of the most RIDICULOUS album covers to go along with this embarrassing mess of a record. I wondered WHY on Earth that album cover was chosen for this release? now i know why..............because the only way to represent this catastrophic attempt at cool is to give it a shit album cover to match the SHIT music content. See the cover HERE.

WORST album of 2009.

Brooke NOgan. end.

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