Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Box [2009]
Starring: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden
Directed by: Richard Kelly


James and Cameron play a married couple who get given a unique box by a stranger who tells them if they press the button on the box, they'll get a million dollars. The catch is, in order to get the money, a person they don't know, anywhere in the world, will die. Can they live with that on their conscience?

Erm, really to describe the movie since i got a headache trying to wrap my brain around every part of what the hell this thing was all about.
It's a slow burning movie, so if you're looking for something fast paced and exciting, you'll probably be really bored. It has a similar tone to the The Invasion and those old skool mystery sci fi flicks. In fact, it was a lot more sci fi than i expected.
There's a nice slow build up and mystery around everything that's happening for most of the films running time. In fact, you pretty much have NO IDEA what ANYTHING means until you get to the final 15 minutes. And even then it still didn't make as much sense as i would have liked. They throw it all onto you in one long go, so it gets a bit messy and a lot of random things happen that don't get any explanation at all. You just have to accept it as "weird stuff" because of the storyline.

It's cast well, the story itself is interesting, and the reveal itself is something i wouldn't have guessed either. It did kind of leave me feeling a bit "oh....ok", at the end. I felt as if the ending should have shocked me in some way, or given me more to chew on, but it just felt like an over long reveal that told me what i needed to know, but in slightly anti climatic way. The story never really lifts off the ground as much as i wanted it to.

Overall, it was enjoyable, but not for everyone. It also didn't need to be as long as it was. It's not the type of movie you could watch over and over, and it's not really something you need to run to the cinemas to see. Dvd would be enough for this thing.

It's memorable because it's SO fucking WEIRD. But in other ways, it's also kinda forgettable as well.

It was decent.


Mas OvaltinePls said...


I've got a box... in my pants.

Anomaly said...

You REALLY wanna know who died?

Ok.....don; read ahead if you don't wanna know.

Some stranger dies due to their box. BUT, after all these twists and turns and shit, Cameron Diaz ends up dying.

The box in your pants is what will bring on the sequel. The Box 2: Azn Surprise.

Mas OvaltinePls said...

Oh, you think you're such a tease with your sexy Australian accent, your odd enthusiasm for chapsticks and little boys and your Mr. Know it All nature.

Well, fact is that I can totally google the answer. >;o

..but I'm gonna read ahead anyway cus I'm lazy to google....(reading)....

Wow. That was anti climactic. I'm glad the bitch dies. She should play a dead bitch all the time.
She irks me..

Sounds like the Box 2 would be stealing a story line from "Teeth".
You know. That movie with the scary ass vagina teeth monster..

Cus that's probably what's lurking in between my legs.

Anomaly said...

You is one crazy azn.

Mas OvaltinePls said...

I'm Blatino, bitch.