Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Going Gaga!

Lady Gaga
The Fame

Remember her name, because you are going to start seeing a hell of a lot of this woman over the next year.......and why?.......well, because she kicks all sorts of serious ass, THAT'S WHY!!!!. It's been an interesting ride to fame for Gaga, but she's finally here, and as she said herself "i'm here to take over the world one sequin at a time", and i think it's safe to say, that she may do JUST that!
Drawing inspiration from legends like Prince, Madonna and her idol David Bowie, it's no surprise that Gaga's debut is a synth filled, 80's throwback...............but this ain't no Gwen Stefani/80's hybrid, no, no, no.........Gaga is a little more....err...."eclectic" sounding than that.

Anyway, the album kicks off with her MASSIVE first single 'Just Dance', and then continues on for the AMAZING first half of the album [which most likely makes up the bulk of the remaining singles]...........'Love Game' is an electro heavy track with a really dirty sounding base line, 'Paparazzi' is a popgasm, 'Beautiful Dirty Rich' has a real 'No Doubt' type sound to it, as does 'Summerboy' which is near the end of the album. There's the synth summery sounding 'Eh, Eh' and 'Boys, Boys, Boys', and the more darker and sexier synth tracks 'Poker Face' [My fav off the album] and 'I Like It Rough'. She gets a little 'Peaches' sounding on 'Money Honey' and has a great ballad called 'Brown Eyes', which sounds like a throw back to an old skool 'Queen' track. The only time she kinda stumbles is on a track called 'Again, Again', which isn't necessarily a "bad" song, but it just sounds like boring filler, plus it has a bit of an annoying chorus. This track is going to be replaced with another song on the U.S edition of the album called 'Vanity', which sounds like another 70's piano ballad.

Overall, it's a VERY strong debut, and not only is the music great, but Gaga is QUIT the performer, blasting her way through her promo tour with a Bowie inspired lazer light stage show that even features a light up disco stick! She is GREAT live! she describes herself as 'Theatrical Pop', and her show is EXACTLY that.

Album of the year! Prepare for the GAGA REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!

Track ratings
1. Just Dance 4/5
. Lovegame 5/5
3. Paparazzi 5/5
4. Beautiful Dirty Rich 5/5
5. Poker Face 5/5
6. Eh Eh 3/5
7. Money Honey 4/5
8. Again Again 3/5
9. Boys Boys Boys 4/5
10. Brown Eyes 4/5
11. I Like It Rough 4/5
12. Summerboy 3/5
13. Starstruck 4/5
14. Paper Gangsta 4/5
15. Disco Heaven 4/5

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distractinglybombastic said...

Hm, I'm intrigued. I had no idea she'd done anything beyond that gospel album several years ago, which I'm not into.