Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gaga Goes Live!
Lady Gaga stopped over in Australia for her world wide promo tour which she's on atm for her debut album THE FAME. Obviously, being as obsessed as i am, i went and saw her live and was blown away by the whole thing!!!!!! It was held at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney and the crowd WENT OFF as soon as the speakers started pumping out the first track 'Lovegame'! following that was 'Paparazzi', 'Beautiful Dirty Rich', 'Poker Face' and her #1 single 'Just Dance', which the crowd happily went bonkers for. She was decked out in her home made silk hoodie, pvc catsuit and jumped around twirling her disco disc and singing the shit out of everything! she even dove in for a bit of front row crowd surfing! I expect big things for this bitch! she rocked my fucking world! Video and pics delight!!!!! [curtousy of frozen supestar and Pez]...

Click pics to see bigger version

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