Sunday, December 27, 2009

20. Scars Basement Jaxx
There's always a bit of room for some Jaxx!....AND Kelis, who's on guest vocals.

19. New York Paloma Faith
Forget Amy Whinehouse, Duffy and Paloma do it better. Pretty song.

18. 4 Letter Word Gossip
Any of their new songs could have made it here, i fucking love this band.

17. Sexy Bitch David Guetta
It's best enjoyed full blast and in the company of 1000 sweaty people.

16. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Alicia Keys
A bit of a departure for Alicia. Got a bit of an 80's vibe to it. One of her best songs.

15. Gifted N.A.S.A.
This song is EPIC, but the album they churned out along with it was a fucking shitty mess. Don't take this track as an indicator of what the rest of the debut album sounds like.

14. Symmetry Little Boots
If you like Human League, you'll like this.

13. Hearing Damage Thom Yorke
Dark and moody. On VERY heavy rotation.

12. World Go Round Busta Rhymes
Impossible to listen to without turning up full blast.

11. Boom Boom Pow The Black Eyed Peas
We can thank Daft Punk for this. Crazy, crazy, bass line.

10. Howl Florence + The Machine
There were a few Florence tracks which could have made this spot, but i went with the one i listened to the most.

09. Change Daniel Merriweather
The album didn't live up to this song unfortunately, but whatever, still a great song. Plus, it's always cool seeing an Aussie release something decent.

08. Pearl's Dream Bat For Lashes
I've wanted to include a Lashes track in my top 20 for a while now, but i always seem to run out of room. Not this year though!!!!! beautiful song.

07. Heads Will Roll Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This track was the best one off their 2009 record. Great video too.

06. Tigerlily La Roux
While everyone went nuts over 'Bulletproof', i fell in love with this.

05. Undisclosed Desires Muse
Great song. You can never go wrong with synths.

04. The Day We Fell Apart Kelly Clarkson
This song was RIDICULOUSLY placed onto the album track listing as a bonus song. It's the best thing she's done.

03. Talk To Me Peaches
Very grimy and dirty sounding, much like Peaches herself.

02. Ignorance Paramore
Their 2009 album was a bit of a let down, but it did feature a few great tracks on it. This was the best one. ParaMORE!

01. Bad Romance Lady GaGa
Not only is this her best track, but it's also become my favourite pop song of the last 10 years!. Creepy, loud, sexy, it's perfect!. It never gets old.

Round Round Flo Rida
Round Round, in my fucking head, none stop, like torture. Someone stop him, please!

Kiss U Thru The Phone Soulja Boy
I'm sure i spelled this idiots name wrong. Everything he does is wrong though, so who cares really. Kiss You Through The Phone? is this shit serious? and people loved this too, fucking hell. Smack you with a phone is more like it.

I Gotta Feeling The Black Eyed Peas
The most annoying song of 2009. I want to punch the radio every time i hear it. It was a massive single, yet i can't find ONE person who likes it? WHO IS BUYING IT?

Devilicious Nikki Webster
Many of you may not know her. She's an ex Aussie child singer who reached puberty and thought she'd sing a Britney song from 1998 in a Christina Aguilera style video to show us all how grown up she has become. It's embarrassing and crap in every way possible. It's also not very sexy. I'm all for guilty pleasures, but anyone who likes this is seriously an asshole.

We Are Golden Mika
Someone tell this dumb twat to shut his mouth. Awful. And while you're at it, cut that stupid curly bouncy hairdo. Mikunt.

Good Girls Gone Bad Cobra Starship
Worst song of 2009 for me. Annoying lyrics, punchable lead singer, and a ridiculously pointless cameo from some Gossip Girl moron. FUCK OFF COBRA STARSHIT!


Mas OvaltinePls said...

"3" should be on worst songs of the year ;p

Anomaly said...

'3' grew on me. There's always room for some Britney fuckery.

Mas OvaltinePls said...

BSpears no long has place in my heart.

Not until she gets her shit together again. [I don't mean her life. I mean her music.]

Anomaly said...

I have a feeling her next album may be her best. She doesn't need to REMIND people that she's normal and pop cute anymore, she can just rip it up and not care. I like her a bit darker, like on Blackout.