Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DVD Roundup: MARCH, 2010
What i spent a pretty penny on this month [you're curious, don't deny it].....

Batman Returns [Blu-ray]
Oh my beloved Batman Returns, i finally have you in glorious HD. And of all the special ways it came into my life, it came at a discount bargain price, PERFECT. Halle Berry as Catwoman? if you want to laugh, then go right ahead......all you REALLY need is Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman. OH. There's good features on this too, and Burton gives a commentary. I still love this movie after all these years. Better than the Dark Knight, that's right, fuck you.

Being John Malkovich
One of those movies i've been meaning to see for 10 years. People finding a doorway to another persons mind, and then living out that persons life for a period of time?, i'll take ONE please. It was a mind fuck, that's for sure, lol. The special features were equally as strange as the movie itself.

It's..............odd. Slow, weird, and full of sex. A pair of spread legs on the cover certainly gets your attention. No special features.

Jennifer's Body [Blu-ray]
This isn't out in Australia till May, so i ordered the UK version of it. Plus, the Aussie cover is shit, and the UK and U.S ones are pretty hot. Oh, and the UK edition has a slip case that has Megan Fox POPPING out of it with nice embedding on the cardboard. Oh, and the movie is kick ass.

An American Werewolf In Paris
Yeah, it's a shit as i remembered, in fact, it was so shit, it had me laughing. Priced at $10 though, i can't complain too much. It even had special features!!!!

Skins: Season 4
Them partying/sexing British kiddies are BACK. While the rest of the world watches teen shit like Gossip Girl, the remaining lot of us watch something with a bit of balls to it. I love this show. INNIT.

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl
You didn't read wrong, it is indeed, Vampire Girl vs mother fucking Frankenstein Girl. What MORE do you need to know? it's fucked, almost to the point of overbearingly unwatchable. No features.

Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour [Blu-ray]
Well praise the heavens, it's FINALLY hit dvd! or more importantly, Blu ray!!!!! This is the first Blu ray release by Madonna. There's even a cute 30 minute behind the scenes doco attached to this, as well a s alive cd!!!!. Mouth......waters......lots.......[wipes chin].


Mas OvaltinePls said...

When I was younger, there were 2 movies that I absolutely loved; The Color Purple and Being John Malkovich.

Anomaly said...

I love The Colour Purple!

Mas OvaltinePls said...

Gurl, I quote that movie like it's my job.

mp989 said...

Love Skins, but have you watched your season 4 DVD yet? I think the finale has got to be one ofthe biggest blunders in ANY tv show I've liked.