Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm on a rocket!Goldfrapp
Head First [2010]

What Head First does for me, more than any other Goldfrapp album, is that it's given me the first INSTANT Goldfrapp experience i've had. Pretty much from start to finish, i really liked what i heard on first listen. That could be due to the fact that the album is only 9 tracks long, so it leaves little room for filler, but also because they've finally been able to mesh all their styles together into one project that reflects their style perfectly.
They've always had a heavy 80's influence on their music, this time though, they've REALLY developed a throw back vibe, and instead of sounding like a modern band doing old skool electronica, they actually sound like they are FROM the 80's/late 70's.
'Alive' and 'Hunt' sound the most like they've stepped out of the 70's disco era, with the rest of the album sounding like an early 80's synthy wet dream [Rocket, I Wanna Life] . They even deliver one of the best tracks of their entire career with, 'Dreaming'. Great song.
The only time the album gets a bit crap, is with the last track, 'Voicething'. It's an ugly mix of Alison's vocals repeated over and over, while an irritating beat loops in the background. Thankfully, it's the last track on the album, so it's easily skipped. Most definitely one of their worst songs.

Overall, it's a very small album that passes by quickly with one listen. It does feel a little short, but that also adds to it's charm a little i think. I guess it just gives you more reason to repeat each song 5 times. There's some nice production on a few of the songs, and it's consistent and put together in a neat little package. Maybe not their BEST album, but certainly their most accessible.


Reinstein said...

This is the best album of 2010 so far.

Supernature- edgy, brilliant body of work: slow and fast songs mix.

Head first- 80s throwback, cohesive

Anomaly said...

It's a nice effort i agree.