Friday, June 4, 2010

DVD Round up: May, 2010
A Nightmare On Elm St [Blu-ray]
I wish the whole series was in HD, but this is the only one.....for now. Classic 80's horror, gotta love it.

Gunslinger Girl 1 & 2
Ah, 2 dorra, 2 dorra! It's been a while since i've watched an Anime. I better get around to seeing volume 2. 1 was good stuff.

The Neverending Story 2
Omg, my childhood!............well, sort of. Not one of my most beloved kids films, but one i enjoyed catching as a kid anyway. Found it for like....$3!.

A Clockwork Orange [Blu-ray]
Trippy, smart and funny..........well.....funny in that sick sort of way. I appreciate this movie the more i see it over the years. I look forward to catching it again when the mood strikes me. Kubrick was a cool director. Love the music in this too.

Never Sleep Again: An Elm St Legacy
A 4 hour long doco covering the 7 original Elm St films. The only making of doco's iv'e seen that come anywhere near as thourough are the ones found on the Lord of the Rings extended DVD's. It's a beast of a film! It's getting raves all over the place. LOVE IT, and worth EVERY penny!

Wild Things
Omg, remember this!.......Neve as a goth, Denise getting champaign poured on her giant tits, and Kevin Bacon's big dick in the shower!!!! trashtastic!

True Blood: Season 2 [Blu-ray]
I was going to wait to get this for a few months, but i couldn't help myself. I'm such a big fan, it'd drive me nuts knowing it's just SITTING there down the road in my local shop and that i haven't got it in my hands.

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