Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex & The City 2 [2010]
Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker & her usual crew
Directed by: Michael Patrick King

Carrie Bradshaw decides to run away to Dubai with her "girls" to try and think through her stupid and insignificant marriage problems. Wacky adventures and lots of high heels soon follow.

I'm a big fan of the tv show, and the first movie. I think the series finished a little too open ended, so it was nice to see lose ends tied up with the first film. At this point though, i think they have taken these characters as far as they possibly can with their story lines, and S&TC 2 is showing the cracks of an over long stay.

I'm all for care free comedies, and the tv series certainly had A LOT of that. However, the more serious side of relationships that the show used to get into have now become really banal. There are only 2 series plots in the film, one revolving around Miranda and Charlotte and their struggles with motherhood, and the other revolving around Samantha and her uncontrollable vagina in a very conservative country. Although, Samantha's story line is supposed to be comic relief, so they don't go too crazy with making a statement. It is the highlight of the movie though, so it didn't bother me that they handled the issue of women's rights with inappropriate comedy. Deep down, we all agree with her on the matter anyway, even if we know it's a......touchy subject.

The rest of the movie revolves around Carrie and her ever growing shrinking brain. I like Carrie, but she really is one of the dumbest women i've come across on film ever. The woman cries about finding a man for 7 years on tv, finds one, gets married, lives in a nice place, has a guy who worships her, and STILL.......she has something to complain about. Turns out Carrie doesn't want to sit on the couch at night with her HARD WORKING HUSBAND, she'd rather complain about the fact that she can't go out at night and party. Wow, Carrie, your marriage issues are awful. The writers need to focus more on making this woman GROW UP, because she's a damn immature moron. And don't even start me on the AWFUL metaphor for finding the SPARKLE in her marriage through a bloody black diamond ring. What kind of stupid retard woman relates to that mess of a character? Awful.

Minor gripes about stupid women aside, the movie is entertaining from start to end. It's hugely unrealistic, over the top, gay to the extreme, and slightly annoying in parts, but i did have a blast. The girls are just way too funny.
If another film is made, i'd happily see it again, but after the reception this film has gotten, i think maybe it's time Carrie said goodbye.

See it if you're a big fan. Avoid it if you've never liked anything about it.


Mas OvaltinePls said...

I can't comprehend how you could find this crap entertaining but not the Golden Girls.

Anomaly said...

Golden Girls didn't have fucking in it though. Did it? [shudders]

EvChemical said...

Don't Mind Pj... he watches shitty tv/movies 80% of the time. :p

Mas OvaltinePls said...


Cubby should be proud that I actually have knowledge about something that happened before I was born.