Sunday, December 9, 2007

The BEST & WORST Of 2007 - Part 2

The Best Singles...

10. Stronger
Kanye West
It's the Daft Punk sample in this that makes it so fucking good!!!!! without it, Kayne is just another rapper. Great song and good video too. Hear it here

9. Leap of Faith Hadouken!
Electro punk rock, gotta love it! I’m keeping an eye out for this band, if this is the type of thing they’ll be offering in the future, then I’ll certainly be looking forward to it! Hear it here

8. Heart Shaped Glasses Marilyn Manson
Sexy beat, great vocals. The song and video work ESPECIALLY well together! For such an atrociously looking man, his music does turn me on! Hear it here

7. Earth Intruders Bjork
Her new album may not have blown me off my seat, but the lead single was simply BRILLIANT!!!!!! What a great fucking song, the first minute is EPIC and then it just goes loud and hard till the end. Timbo and Bjork should have joined forces on MORE tracks for her album this year…… of her BEST songs EVER. Hear it here

6. With Every Heartbeat Robyn
Omg! Robyn gave me an ELECTROGASM with this song, how fucking good was this!, she ripped it up something major. One of the BEST build ups in a song I’ve ever heard, it just keeps going, I feel like running non stop everytime I hear this. Hear it here

5. Read My Mind The Killers
Ah, The Killers, always have a soft spot for them……..and although Sam’s Town wasn’t as good as Hot Fuss, it did give us the brilliant ‘When You Were Young’ and of course……’Read My Mind’. Very old skool sounding, Brandon’s vocals just fly through this so smoothly, great track. Plus the Japanese themed video, how can you go wrong with Japanese! Hear it here

4. Umbrella Rihanna
It seems like EVERYONE loved this song, it was EVERYWHERE, it just sticks right in your head and it doesn’t budge…’s a…’s a HEAD STICKERER!. I listened the shit out of this thing for SO long, it completely took over my brain. Still love it……but unlike Gimme More, it kinda out stayed it’s welcome a little *burp* Hear it here

3. Hurt
Christina Aguilera

Wow, just wow, one of my all time favourite ballads! Truly! What a beautiful song, everything from the music to the vocal arrangement to the video clip, it was all just so damn fucking good. Love it! Hear it here

2. The Prayer
Bloc Party

Another killer chorus.........this song ripped up my iPod speakers for a good long while, it was played NON stop for the first week that I heard it and all I could do was rave about it to everyone I knew. Bloc Party are a little hit and miss for me, but with this song, they really hit the nail on the head!………REALLY fucking hard. Hear it here

1. Gimme More
Britney Spears

This was the PERFECT lead single off a fantastic album, THE pop song of 2007 for me, it’s an incredibly sexy club track and possibly her best lead single ever. I still have this on heavy rotation, GREAT chorus. “It’s Britney, bitch!”. Hear it here

The Worst Singles...

Lips Of An Angel

Worst song of the year, truly! Why did this have to exist? Why do these shit mainstream rock, husky voiced, Nickleback/Creed sound a like bands actually BECOME successful? Just gut wrenchingly bad, even the video was poor…….and is anyone out there able to differentiate one of their songs from the other? Lips of An Angel?..........more like Lips of a DEVIL! Hear it here if you dare

Beautiful Girls Sean Kingston
Beautiful girls, ugly song!......Why does shit like this reach #1?......who buys this crap? It’s like Akon meets Shaggy meets……a retarded chubby 12 year old black kid. Honestly, no. Hear it here if you dare!

Hey Delilah Plain White
Jesus Christ, someone call the INDIE brigade, I think they lost a few members. Pretentious WANK of a song, filled with “oh so cool” guitar music and “oh so sweet” romantic lyrics about some bitch called Delilah. Even the NAME is wanky, “Delilah”……could they BE any more transparent. Hey Delilah…….piss off! Hear it here if you dare!

The Creeps Cammille Jones

It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive, It’s so repetitive…………one of/if not THE most annoying chorus of the WHOLE fucking year. I despise this song………..oh and did I mention, it’s so repetitive. Hear it here if you dare!

Love Today Mika

Dear Lord, hear my prayer, please put a STOP to the musical POISON that is Mikunt!.....oh God, it’s killing me. Grace Kelly was catchy for a while, but after you hear it 500,000,000,000,000 times on a daily basis, you kinda start to HATE it. Then he releases this MESS of a song, if the 5 watches he wears and the big afro like hair he has doesn’t turn you off enough, then this fucking song will. He sings “love, love me, love, love me”……..sorry Mikunt, but I “hate hate you, hate hate you”. Now CUNT OFF. Hear it here if you dare!

Buy U A Drank T-Pain

Hmmmmmmmm, drank…….buy you a drank!......riiiiight, well, I know ONE thing T-Pain can’t buy, good song lyrics, because these are some of the WORST I’ve ever heard. T-Pain indeed!.........pain in my fucking eardrums. Hear it here if you dare!

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