Sunday, December 9, 2007

The BEST & WORST Of 2007 - Part 4

The BEST Album Covers...

Two of the best covers this year, both simple, both use limited amounts of colour, both eye catching. Just for the record, that second cover is for the new 'Justice' album.

The WORST Album Covers...

Deare Brittany Speers,
I is John, I is 6 year old and I just learneded how to use the Photoshop 2 program on my daddys computar, I make yur new album cover for
yuu Speers, I hope yoo liks it.
Yur Beaggest fan, Jon.

More like 'Audio GAY Dream'.............trying WAY too hard to be way too cool. The back cover was even WORSE, lmao!

Obviously Ms. Lopez is a BIG fan of Alien vs. Predator...................nuff said.

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Manuel said...

Did you notice all the AWFUL covers tried to "play with the colors" and failed miserably.

While Alicia's and Justice's covers are so... BLACK but kinda classy at the same time.

Not to mention Britney's YELLOW FAT ARM.