Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DVD Roundup: April, 2010
New Moon [Blu-ray]
Not sure why we got this 3 weeks later than the rest of the world, but the wait is finally over!!!! Will enjoy sitting through this beauteous adventure again. And omg! the special features were great! I love a good long doco about the making of a film. NEW MOON!.

Paranormal Activity [Blu-ray]
Been looking forward to seeing this again. They really should have included ALL of the different endings on this disc, but oddly enough, they didn't. Comes with a commentary from the director, will DEFINITELY check that out. Creeptastic!

Silent Hill [Blu-ray]
Had to order this from the UK since it isn't on Blu-ray here. I've always loved this. Dark and twisted, with a great ending. It looked beautiful in HD. Good extras too.

Where The Wild Things Are [Blu-ray]
Haven't watched it again JUST yet. It's such a special movie, it needs to be seen when i'm in the perfect mood for it. The features look a bit shit, hopefully they're decent.

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