Monday, April 12, 2010

Kick-Ass [2010]
Starring: Nicholas Cage, Aaron Johnson, Mindy Macready
Directed by: Mathew Vaughn

Dave Lizweski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a super hero, even though he has no powers, training, or meaningful reason to do so.

Whew! talk about blowing my mind. Could another film in 2010 top this? time will tell....but i'm guessing probably not. I've never read the comic book this is based on, so i won't be able to compare the two in my review, i do hear it's a faithful enough adaptation though, with a few minor changes, so fans of the comic should be happy with the result on screen. Either way, whether it's true to the book or not, as a stand alone film, this REALLY lives up to it's name.

For the first half of the film, it was pretty much what i expected. Quirky comic drama, with smart dialogue and colourful characters. I was enjoying the film, and could see it's mass appeal, but it wasn't reaching any MASSIVE great heights for me. Not to diss it or anything though, it was smart and funny, but just not changing my life.
As the film went along though, and as we entered the second section of the story, things started to really get impressive. I thought the comedy lite themes would play out till the end, and obviously they do mostly, but the story also gets a little dark, and surprisingly emotional. Once REAL danger falls upon the characters, you start to realize you actually care about them a lot. I was very emotionally invested in what was happening, and the movie was getting more and more dramatic and interesting as the climax built. It was a great direction to take the story.

The last 20 minutes of the film was breathtaking, not only for the action, but also for the music and direction. Mathew Vaughn chews this up and spits it back out with so much FORCE you barely get a chance to take a breathe before the credits roll.
After having your eye balls burned off by the end, they throw in one last over the top gag to remind you it's all in good fun. It's such a perfect mix of comedy and drama.

Kick-Ass is the most original comic book film i've seen since 'Watchmen', and like Watchmen, it's not for kids. Although in saying that, i would have loved it as a kid, but i'm a bit fucked up.
The only downside to this flick will be depending on what STYLE of movie you like. Some people may find the strong violence and language in it a bit off putting. I've read some reviews who felt a little unsure about seeing a 12 year old girl shoot and knive her way through a crowd of villains as she calls them "cunts" and "mother fuckers". Personally, that's MY sorta style [lolz], so it didn't bother me one bit. In fact, i fucking LOVED it.

Best film of 2010 so far. SEE IT. SEE IT. SEE IT. SEE IT. It's a BEAST!

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