Sunday, December 28, 2008

The BEST & WORST Of 2008!
Another year, another list! and WHAT A YEAR IT WAS..........well, depending on how you looked at it. For movies, it was kinda low key, but for MUSIC, it was MAASSSIIIVVEEE, so much going on in the music scene this year, a whole flood of new comers.....most of them being GREAT, some big #1 singles and even the odd comeback or two *cough* Britney *cough*.......

There was a lot to pick from this year, i could have extended this list further easily, but i've knocked it down to the top 10!.......enjoy....

10. Danity Kane Welcome To The Dollhouse
P.Diddy is one of my favourite producers in r&b music, so it's no surprise this album turned out to be so great. I don't care much for the girls themselves, i don't even know them all by name, but the album is hot!

9. Grace Jones Hurricane
I like a lot of her old stuff, but this new album really is a fucking BEAST of a record! So dark and heavy, i feel like i'm not meant to be listening to it, like the music holds some sort of secret!.......see, i don't even know what the fuck i'm saying, that's how cool it is. Grace OWNS.

8. Santogold Santogold
Bought her album blindly and never looked back! one of my top 3 favourite new artists of the year, think of her as a mix between M.I.A, Sean Paul and U2......or something, i don't fucking know, just go buy her shit!

7. Ladytron Velocefiro
Always been a big Ladytron fan, but this album really fucking blew me away, it's the best one they've ever done imo, so many great moments!

6. Crystal Castles Crystal Castles
Would you like to know what a bass line with a loud atari game playing in the background sounds like? then go listen to this cd. Crazy!

5. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
I think i fucking DIED and went to synthesizer HEAVEN! my God! i have not shut up about this album ALL year! one of the coolest fucking things to EVER surface, EVER!.....i am an MGMT NUT!

4. Boomkat A Million Trillion Stars
It's only been released online, so it hasn't actually officially been released yet, and i'm not sure if it ever will, so fuck it, i'm gonna include it. I loved their first album from 5 years ago! and even though the wait has bene long, it's most definitely been worth it. One of my all time favourite acts EVER. Boom on, Boomkat!

3. Britney Spears Circus
We won't know till the new era is over, but hopefully she can pull off the world tour and remaining singles from this album! Really great, fun record, more poptastic than her last one!. Ride it out Britters! you can do it!

2. P!nk Funhouse
I've always been a Pink fan, but this is the record that proved to me she is a bonafied megastar. Her last album was good, but hugely overrated, this new one however deserves all the praise it can get! Some INCREDIBLE songs on the album, and the best song she ever did, 'Sober'.

1. Lady Gaga The Fame
One of my all time favourite albums EVER! Every track is pop perfection and she has some of the most awesome fucking lyrics EVER! My new obsession is Gaga, and i can only PRAY that she keeps churning out albums, because i fucking LOVE this woman. The album is everywhere! and RIGHTFULLY so! GO GAGA!

Honorable mentions:

Janet Jackson Discipline
Nine Inch Nails Ghosts
Alanis Morissette Flavours of Entanglement
Kerli Love Is Dead
The Presets Apocalypso
Michelle Williams Unexpected
Ladyhawk Ladyhawk
Madonna Hard Candy


Colby Colbit Coco
Straw hat, check!.......beach house lifestyle, check!......wooden floors, check!........pretentious hippy wankery, CHECK! i doubt we'll see much of this idiot bitch after this flop shit album. And i hope to God we don't.

Paper Trail
More like dog shit trail, someone put an end to this Hip Hop Flop fuckery that he's producing! And for fucks sake, stop putting Rihanna on your bloody songs! how many singles has she popped up on now? 50? fuck off!

Jessica Simpsons Country Album
See, i don't even remember the name of this piece of shit album, but does anyone?

Ashlee Simpson Bitter Sweet World
More like Stupid Bitch World, could this album be any more shit? Ashlee tries her hardest here, but i guess record executives got the idea about her career as a singer when her nose job and stupid pregnancy got more famous than she did. She was dropped from her label, hopefully on her head.

Usher Here I Stand
And here i SLEEP! talk about boring!


Anonymous said...

LOL. I loved your analysis of worst albums of the year. You were spot on. Lady Gaga's album definitely deserves credit but the #1 album for me is P!nk's funhouse. I couldnt believe how she's gotten better and better with each album. She is well on her way to become a legend and her success is more justified that Christina Aguilera who I fear has gone from bad to worst. Britney's comeback was also note worthy. But lets be honest, she's not the worlds greatest singer, nor can she write her own lyrics and I kinda feel like people are desperately trying to hold on to the memories they had of that innocent little girl who became a superstar. As for Beyonce, Im getting tired of her shit, honestly. Sasha Fierce? now she is trying to build a new persona cuz she herself is so tired of her old shit? Frankly both Beyonce and Sasha Fierce can suck it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...u know nothing of music dude....get some taste and some oil of olay while ur at it. Tata!