Sunday, December 28, 2008

Top 20 Songs of 08'

20. Running Back Jessica Mauboy
Cool song, sexy and catchy!

19. American Boy Estelle featuring Kanye West
What an AWESOME pumping beat!

18. Alive Natalie Bassingwaith
The biggest surprise on my list, didn't expect her to release anything that'd top anything this year......but this song deserves to be in my top 20, i love it.

17. History Kleerup
His album was a bit samey, but this track was all sorts of awesome 80's shit!

16. My People The Presets
Like Pet Shop Boys meets The Prodigy, although i hate The Petshop Boys.

15. Alice Practice Crystal Castles
Loud noises, loud screaming, loud thumping........this all equals awesomeness! CRYSTAL CASTLES 4EVER!

14. 20/20 Alanis Morissette
The Japanese bonus track from her album, should have made the final track listing imo. Beautiful song, very Bjork-ish.

13. Of Moons, Birds and Monsters MGMT
Electric Feel is probably their BEST track, but i LOVE this so so much i just had to give it a heads up. I LOVE YOU MGMT!

12. Into The Nightlife Cyndi Lauper
Poor Cyndi, most of her album was a bit of an outdated mess, but this song was a good Gay club banger.

11. Beat Goes On Madonna
Hard Candy was good, but didn't blow my mind, this however did. One of the best rap breakdowns EVER.

10. Decode Paramore
I love me some Paramore, best song they ever did!

09. Circus Britney Spears
Not my favourite song off her new album, but the best thing she offered on a more rounded scale. EPIC versus!

08. Welcome To Heartbreak Kanye West
Most of the time Kanye is fairly average imo, but every so often he surprises me. This was one of those moments. What a great fucking song.

07. Sober P!nk
Absolutely fucking amazing song, it was a grower originally, but once it hit me, it hit me HARD. The best song of her career!

06. Single Ladies [Put A Ring On it] Beyonce
Beyonce turned the bass up and ejaculated synths ALL OVER this song. It's hot and EPIC, the best song she's ever done!

05. Magic Ladyhawk
If you want an updated version Souxsie and the Banshees, Ladyhawk is the closest thing you'll get. Great fucking song!

04. Machine Gun Portishead
Oh my God, the FIRST true orgasm of the year. It's the last MINUTE of the song that really blows me away! Best ending to a song EVER!!!!!

03. Deep Blue Ladytron
Epic build up at the end, dark and pumping, i love it.

02. Anne Santogold
Santogold and her tiger print tights kick fucking ass.

01. Poker Face Lady Gaga
Who else is capable of taking my #1 position this year? Gaga TOOK IT ALL! One of my all time most played and most loved songs EVER.

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Anonymous said...

Lady GaGa would weep in emabarrassment if she knew you were a fan of hers. She is adored by interesting people with actual taste so come off it already. She doesnt need a Michelle William's fan applauding her work.