Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's been a bit of a quiet year for movies, compared to last year anyway. There only seemed to be a good few that really stood out. Thankfully, the ones that DID stand out REALLY stood out A LOT. Let's have a looksie!...

10. Persepolis
Has anyone else even seen this? lol........a really nice surpise of a movie, funny and touching storyline and really nice simple animation. I only wished it was a bit longer.

9. Wanted
Angelina Jolie with a gun is like..........instant brilliance. Cool movie, typical no brainer with overblown action scenes and unrealistic effects, but's totally fun.

8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Slow, but still engaging enough to keep you watching. Brad was great as usual, and looked beautiful [in the none old scenes, lol], and Cate was equally as good! Weird and sad, a nice reminder that we all die one day, no matter how we live our lives.

7. Cloverfield
It was hyped for so long, and now 9 months after it's release it's become easily forgotten, lol. Oh well, i still remember it, was great watching it in real time, some scary moments and a great ending. The hype was fun too.

6. Hey Hey! It's Esther Blueburger
Really sweet and funny story, great acting from the lead idea what her name was, lol...but she was great!

5. Teeth
It hit award festivals in 2007, but didn't get a proper world wide DVD release till this year, so i'm gonna include it. Great movie, one i enjoyed more on repeat viewings. Weird, funny and kinda sexy! HIDE YOUR DICKS BOYS!

4. Sex & The City
Oh the joy!!!!! the most entertaining cinema experience of the year. Surrounded by fans, seeing the girls on screen again after 4 years, it was such a great trip! and a really fun movie!

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Hands down, the funniest movie of the year! not surprising since it is a Judd Apatow movie! the guy is a GENIUS!

2. Atonement
I didn't understand what all the hype was about, but after a couple of watches, i got it. Beautifully filmed and really well acted. Kiera Knightly may have an annoying cunt of a face, but she's a good actress! The story was so moving, and you don't feel the entire impact of it till you get to the bitter end. Made me cry :(

1. The Dark Knight
I have ranted and raved about his movie ALL year long, so there's nothing much more to say about it.......most of you would have seen it by now too, i haven't met anyone who hasn't. It really is a fucking great piece of cinema and a GREAT role for Heath to be remembered by. R.I.P.


P.S. I Love You
Even Gerard Butler parading around shirtless in this couldn;t save this MESS movie from sucking! Note to Directors, DO NOT hire Hillary Swank in comedies, she is NOT......FUNNY!

Bad make up, bad script, bad shitty ending, bad, bad, bad! I'm a massive fan of the books, so this was very painful to list here, the movie does have some MINOR good bits, but overall it's a God damn fucking mess!

Ok, ok........i know, "wtf are you thinking", i get it, it's a well liked movie and has been getting massive rave reviews, and it isn't bad........but it's fucking boring as fucking fuck! honestly, i wanted to kill myself it was so boring. There, i said it!

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