Sunday, December 28, 2008

Person Of The Year!
It's been a big year for Lady Gaga, but one thing she may never realize, is that she changed my LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!!! Isn't it amazing when you connect SO much with an artist on a personal level!!!!! i haven't had that happen to me this strongly in YEARS! The funny thing is, it took me a short while to get into her, but ONLY a short while! Once i was in, i was HOOKED!
As much as i LOVE her music, it was more about what she brought to the table personality and creative wise that really won me over! The girl KNOWS her shit and worked so fucking hard to get to where she is now, so much determination, passion and excitement for what she does, it rubbed off on me so easily and you can see it so much in her work!
I had the opportunity to see her live too, and she was a fantastic performer!!!! the girl pretty much has it all i'd say, full control, great songs, sex appeal, great image and a killer personality! She's taking over the world one country at a time! and by this time next year, we will be living in a GAGA WORLD! I couldn't think of a better place to live in!

Douche Bag Of The Year
Poor Jessica Simpson, i really DON'T hate her i swear, but she has got to be the single most uninteresting person on Earth! I mean, who honestly listens to her music? she's such a shit fucking pop star, and now she's gone all Shania on everybody with her shitty country album.............which nobody bought mind you. And have you seen her live? she gets lyrics to songs wrong all the time!? i mean seriously, wtf? she dates men who verbally abuse her, has big hair and has movies that go straight to DVD. SHE'S JUST SO SHIT.
And don't think her sister gets off easily either, wtf is this shit? her last album was a bloody boring mess of a thing, and all she;s famous for now is her fucking nose. I like her betetr than Jessicunt, but this whole try hard attempt at super cool with her last record just really irked me, she needs to wake the fuck up, no one cares, like hello!

Until Next Year Folkz, XX

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